Why bring home Lord Shiva Wall Art?

Why bring home Lord Shiva Wall Art?

Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped gods in Hindu mythology and tradition. Known by many names- Adiyogi, Mahadev, Natraja, Bhole Nath, Vishwanath, Pahupati. Lord Shiva is the creator and destroyer of this Universe. He is referred to as one of the most powerful gods and is a part of Trideva. 

In many Indian homes, the entire family of Lord Shiva is worshipped- His wife Paravati, also known as Adishakti, and their sons, Lord Ganesh, and Lord Kartikay and Nandi in forms of portraits, relief murals, or paintings. According to the Hindu Vedas, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the parents of the entire universe. 

Keeping Lord Shiva wall art, and relief murals as home or office decor and worshipping them helps channel energy and power in your space and thus, welcome prosperity, wisdom, and good wealth.

Why should you buy Shiva Wall Decor? 

Wall decor and paintings add dimension and charm to your space so it is a given that you must choose them wisely. Not only should they go with the theme of your home, they should also be something you resonate it to make it the right fitting for your home or office. If you are a Shiva worshipper having Shiva Art at your home or office can be a great idea to help bring the glow of good energy, protection, and peace around. Having Adiyogi around and blessing yourself with his divine presence helps you choose the right paths in life. 

There are many reasons to believe that having a Shiva wall decor at your home will help you stay away from negativity and refocus on life. It is believed he is pleased easily and has a pure heart to grant wishes to his devotees who worship him with true and pure intentions. He can be willing to forgive you for your sins and can also guide you in tough times. Thus having Lord Shiva paintings and wall art at home or offices has become one of the most preferred and chosen wall decor pieces. 

At Artociti, the Lord Shiva Wall Art collection helps you experience a direct connection with divine energy. We strive our level best to achieve to come up with unique designs, structures, and color combinations that go suitably well with your place and bring an artistic yet divine edge to your room. 

Where to Place Adiyogi Wall Art at Home?

Shiva is the center of energy so you must be thoughtful of where you are placing the decor piece without disturbing the balance of energies emitted by Lord Shiva's Art. Here are some pointers you should be mindful of while placing Lord Shiva Wall decor in your home- 

  • The most suited place for a Shiva Relief Mural or Shiva painting is in the Puja Room as per Hindu Veads- directed towards the northeast corner of your home known as the Ishan Corner. 
  • Shiva’s face must be in the North Direction since it is his favorite direction and his home, Mount Kailash too, is in the North.
  • Meditating or sitting Shiva is best suited for bringing positive energy and helping in keeping a meditative state around the room. 
  • Make sure whichever location you are choosing, is away from clutter and distractions like television or books and is easily yet peacefully accessible. 
  • You can display Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with their family in your kitchen.
  • Never place it under your beds or under washing lines since it is considered an impolite position.
  • Never buy or keep a picture of a standing Shiva in your home.

Shiva symbolizes good and evil, but most importantly one's own thoughts. We hope this blog helped you get a better understanding of Shiva art decor, where and how to place it. Artociti embarks that each of our art pieces that becomes a part of your home brings the best of all energies and prosperity to your corner. Visit our website https://artociti.com/ and go over Shiva 3D Relief Mural Wall Art and canvas paintings.