5 Amazing Ways to decorate wall with Relief Wall Sculptures

5 Amazing Ways to decorate wall with Relief Wall Sculptures

Walls speak more than words for your space. They are the visual representation of what energy your home or office holds and how it affects the people inside it. Beautifully painted walls reflect a lot on your personality, what kind of a person you are, and what your preferences are. No matter what your choices are, plain walls are almost as depressing as damp walls, so it's essential not only to decorate a wall or have beautifully painted walls but also to embrace attention to them by adding the right piece of wall decor to them. 

Whatever your vibe is- earthy, quirky, traditional art, canvas paintings, modern art, wall murals, etc. Artociti has just the right find for your walls. Brighten up your home with wall murals and decorate walls with the best of art pieces to bring an artsy edge and glamor to your home! Let's go through the top 5 suggestions and ways you can decorate walls and amp up your space. 


Large Statement Wall Mural Art 

Is there a wall in your home that is plain, has no furniture around it, feels empty, and often goes unnoticed? It could be your entrance wall, staircase wall, or lobby. The best way to bring attention to that wall is by adding a statement wall mural art or wood wall art to it. It's going big or going home (quite literally). Mural art is great to add an artful depth, volume, and dimension to your space without having to go overboard with it. Plain walls go best with such 3D relief murals since they are the piece of attraction to do the rest of the work for you. 


Vintage Rajasthani Jharokha Wall Decor 

If you are a fan of colors and your vibe is traditional, this is a MUST for your office or home. Jharokhas are windows that are a common feature in classic Indian architecture, most prominent in the state of Rajasthan. Nowadays, Jharokha wall decor is used as a form of vintage charm to decorate living rooms, offices, balconies, and gardens. They add a traditional yet earthy feel to your place and are available in multiple colors and shapes making it easier for you to choose from which one suits your vibe the best. 

Canvas Paintings For the Absolute Win 

Canvas paintings are for people who want to make a bold statement without being too dramatic. Art always finds its way to put an impression on people and canvas paintings are the best ones for that job. They bring a story to your space and also make your space look fancy and luxurious. Artociti offers a wide range of various canvas paintings you can choose from, and elevate your personal space with it. They are ideal for bedrooms, study room decor, living rooms, or offices by adding a subtle and artful impact. Choose from a color palette that goes best with your furniture and walls to ensure it all blends together well and does not feel chaotic. 


Idol Relief Murals For Puja Room

Your Puja Room is the most auspicious place in your entire office or home. It is also a place that holds a great flow of energy and thus you need something bigger and better than framed idol portraits and 3D Relief Mural Wall Art is a great way to achieve that. Atrociti offers a wide range of murals of Lord Ganpati, Shiva, Tirupati Balaji, Radha Krishna, Buddha, and Goddess Durga among many more. They are handcrafted, super detailed, and add so much more dimension to your puja room and also bring the inflow of good energy and prosperity to your place. 

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Wood Wall Art For The Vintage Look 

Wood is the most cost-friendly, easy-to-find, and aesthetic item for home decor. If the theme of your home is earthy-vintage; then Wood Wall Art is just what you need to blend your walls with the theme. Wood carvings are naturally beautiful but they can be even more attractive when carved with detailed and painted such as the Solid Wood Jali Art by Artociti. This Wood wall art has a wonderful vintage and distressed look to it which makes it a solid statement piece for your living room. Place it on a wall around sofas and some indoor plants to keep the earthy vintage vibe going strong. 

Your walls are the most understated thing in your office or home that you can play with really well to make your space more personalized than ever. From paintings to wall accents and wall hangings, you can decorate them however you want to. We hope our list of suggestions was helpful in bringing you closer to your ideal home and wall decor. Visit our website https://artociti.com/ to know more about such amazing wall decor and home decor products for homes and offices.