Benefits of Saibaba art in your office/home

Benefits of Saibaba art in your office/home

Sai Baba, also known as ‘Shirdi Wale Sai Baba’ is one of the most worshipped deities of India. He was born in the year 1835 and passed away in the year 1918. He always encouraged people to do charity, feed the poor, and share happiness. His teaching often left people with the moral that if anyone comes to them for help, never deny - instead treat them with respect and care. He was a huge believer in karma and always have faith and hope for what God had in store for us. 

His devotees were not restricted to just Hindus, there were are from religions like Hindus and Muslims and therefore the name Sai Baba comes from Sai, a Persian word used by Muslims to denote a holy person, and baba, Hindi for father. He always uttered, "Allah Malik"(God is King) and "Sabka Malik Ek" (One God governs all).  Ideally, anyone can worship Sai Baba as there is no restriction or limitations as such. He is known for his teachings of self-realization hence to be a true devotee, you have to follow the path of good karma, honesty, peace, and forgiveness. One can light up a diya, incense sticks, and offer him fruits and sweets, particularly on Thursdays. 

Benefits of Sai Baba wall art in your office/home

Having a Sai Baba Wall art or statue would help you stay on the right path in life and lead your life with focus and honesty. If you are a Sai-bhakt, having a Sai Baba wall art is a must for your home/office so that you can have his blessings and guidance everywhere you go. If you don't have one and are finding the right reasons to buy, read till the end of the blog to see how a Sai Baba wall art would impact your office/home. 

Having Calm Energy

One of the major and most noticeable benefits of having a Sai Baba wall art is the feeling of having calm energy around. In today's world where everyone is occupied with negativity, quarrels, and disputes- be it between families or at the office, having a Sai Baba mural would help you stay calm and focused. This is also why many factory and business owners prefer having Sai Baba Mural in their offices. His presence brings serenity and stability at the workplace and harmony between family members. 

Peace and Happiness at Home 

Sai Baba taught us all how to stay positive and happy even at times of difficulties and trouble. Having his mural at your home would help you refocus your energy on thinking positively and believing that there is a way out of every problem. Worshipping him daily would help bring peace into your family and bring it closer and stronger. 

Keep the negativity away from you

The most influence Saibaba art will have on you is to keep you away from doing the wrong thing and protect you at all costs from negativity. He will be the anchor to stay upright and focused on doing what is right and will guide you to the right path of good karma and self-realization. Your belief in him will always help you understand the difference between right and wrong and stay positive even in dark times.

Peace of Mind 

It is always said that there is no stronger person than one who can control his mind. When you are calm and quiet internally and your brain is finally at peace- you can help yourself live the best of life. Sai Baba always stressed the topic of self-realization. A person who lives not for the materialistic world but with the intention of helping others to the best of their abilities is a person who has God's support and will never lose in their life. Sai Baba will always help you to become this person and always help those in need. 



Sai Baba always made us all believe in the power of Shraddha (devotion) Saburi (patience). Having a clear and peaceful mind and being of help to others is the greatest way to live life, therefore you should always have Sai Baba’s mural at your home so that not just you, but your kids also understand the importance of living in the non-materialistic world. Artociti brings the best of Sai Baba murals and wall art that will not only make your house and offices look pleasing but also bring positive vibes to your space.