Artociti's Madhubani Painting Canvas: A Rich Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Artociti's Madhubani Painting Canvas

Welcome to Artociti, where tradition meets contemporary in the vibrant and colourful world of Madhubani paintings. Our platform is dedicated to bringing the rich tapestry of Indian art into the homes and hearts of art enthusiasts around the globe. Each Madhubani painting offered at Artociti is not merely a piece of art; it's a narrative that captures the essence of Indian folklore, mythology, and cultural heritage, beautifully crafted to tell stories through vibrant colours and intricate designs.

How Madhubani Paintings are Made

Madhubani art has its origins in the Mithila region of Bihar, India, where it began as a form of wall art. This art form is traditionally executed using natural dyes and pigments made from plants, and the tools used are often homemade. The paintings are known for their eye-catching geometrical patterns, and themes that typically feature deities from ancient epics, celestial bodies, and the natural world. At Artociti, we have transformed this traditional art form into digital masterpieces, carefully preserving each detail at a high resolution of 300 dpi to ensure every colour and line reflects the artist’s original intent.

Why Choose Artociti for Madhubani Paintings

Artociti stands out as a curator of authentic, meticulously crafted Madhubani paintings. We offer a unique blend of the traditional art form with modern digital techniques, ensuring each piece is a perfect fit for contemporary decor while still holding to its cultural roots. Our artists are skilled artisans dedicated to creating unique pieces that are both meaningful and beautiful. When you choose Artociti, you're not just buying a painting; you're investing in a piece of art that carries centuries of storytelling and artistic tradition.

Quality of Our Madhubani Paintings

The quality of our Madhubani paintings is unrivalled. Each piece is printed on 380 gsm polycotton acid-free premium canvas, which provides a sturdy, high-quality base that enhances the vibrancy of the inks. The state-of-the-art Canon professional printers and durable Lucida ink ensure that each painting is rendered with clarity and colours that will remain vivid and striking for generations. This attention to detail in materials and printing technology makes each Madhubani painting from Artociti a masterpiece of art.

In-Depth Collection of Madhubani Paintings Offered by Artociti

Large Size Colourful Madhubani Krishna Leela Canvas Painting:

  • Sizes available: 16x24 and 20x30 inches
  • Description: High-quality Giclée print, gallery-wrapped and ready to hang. This piece captures the vibrant and playful acts of Lord Krishna, making it a splendid addition to any spiritual or serene setting.

Lord Ganesha Madhubani Art Painting Canvas Print:

  • Description: Divine Harmony is encapsulated in this exquisite Giclée print that combines traditional motifs with a touch of modern aesthetic, gallery-wrapped and perfect for welcoming wisdom and prosperity into your home.

Dancing Couple Madhubani Art (Set of 4):

  • Description: Canvas Giclée prints titled 'Eternal Harmony', this set celebrates the universality of love and togetherness through vibrant colours and intricate patterns, making it an ideal gift for weddings or anniversaries.

Ten Mahavidyas with Serpent-Coiled Shri Yantra:

  • Description: Mystical Fusion depicted on canvas, this piece combines powerful imagery of Shiva and Sakti, offering a profound spiritual statement in any space.

Colourful Madhubani Art Painting Canvas (Set of 3):

  • Description: High-quality Giclée prints ready to hang, these pieces showcase traditional themes in a burst of colours, ideal for creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Set of 4 Madhubani Painting Canvas Prints, Celebrating Life's Simple Joys:

  • Description: Titled 'Harmony Blooms', this set reflects joyous everyday scenes in vibrant colours, perfect for adding a cheerful touch to any room.

Radha Krishna Solled Pattachitra Painting:

  • Description: A blend of Madhubani art with Pattachitra styles, this ready-to-hang piece illustrates the divine love between Radha and Krishna, making it a heartwarming addition to any living space.

Matte Ram Janki Darbar Madhubani Painting:

  • Sizes available: 24x16 and 30x20 inches
  • Description: Exquisite Canvas Giclée Print that illuminates your space with the divine assembly of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, perfect for enhancing the spiritual depth of your home décor.

Large Size Colourful Madhubani Canvas Painting of Goddess Durga:

  • Description: This piece depicts the strength and grace of Goddess Durga, rendered in vibrant colours and detailed patterns, ready to hang and perfect for empowering any environment.

Each of these Madhubani paintings from Artociti is a vibrant narrative painted on canvas, telling a unique story of Indian culture and artistic excellence. By adding any of these pieces to your collection, you invite the spirit of Indian folklore and mythological tales into your life, enhancing your space with colours that narrate stories of divinity, nature, and love.


Artociti's collection of Madhubani paintings encapsulates more than just aesthetic appeal; it embodies a profound celebration of Indian culture and mythology. Each painting is a portal to the past, woven with vibrant colours and intricate details that tell timeless tales. By choosing a Madhubani canvas from Artociti, you are not just decorating a space but also preserving and participating in an artistic legacy. Dive into our diverse range, find a piece that speaks to you, and bring home a canvas that continues to inspire and captivate, making it a cherished part of your art collection and cultural heritage.


Q1. What sets Artociti's Madhubani Paintings apart?

Our Madhubani paintings are distinguished by their authenticity, rich narratives, and the use of high-quality materials, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of Indian folklore, mythology, and culture.

Q2. Can I find different themes and styles in Artociti's Madhubani Canvas Collection?

Yes, our extensive collection includes a variety of themes and styles, from traditional folklore depictions to modern interpretations, all celebrating the diversity of Indian art.

Q3. How can I purchase a Madhubani Painting from Artociti?

Purchasing a masterpiece from Artociti is straightforward: browse our collection online, select your favourite piece, and enjoy a secure and user-friendly purchase process.

Q4. What advantages do I get by choosing Artociti for my Madhubani Painting?

Choosing Artociti ensures access to exclusive, handcrafted artworks that are both beautiful and culturally significant, with a commitment to quality that guarantees long-lasting beauty.

Q5. Are the colours used in Artociti's Madhubani paintings durable?

Absolutely. The high-quality Canon Lucida inks used in our prints are designed to last for over a century without fading, ensuring your artwork remains as vibrant as the day it was painted.